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Professional LED Light Mask
Professional LED Light Mask
Professional LED Light Mask
Professional LED Light Mask

Professional LED Light Mask

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Are you struggling with aging skin, wrinkles, painful acne, rosacea, sunspots...? Want to improve your skin without harsh chemicals or UV light? We are introducing Professional LED Light Mask is made for you! No harsh chemical creams, no painful peels, and no hormonal imbalance products! just LED light therapy and massage!

Professional LED Light Mask promotes skin collagen growth, tightens pores and improves the health of your skin. It accelerates skin metabolism and increases oxygen. Increases blood circulation and improves the health of your skin while also repairing and rejuvenating your skin. It has proven to help with Acne, Wrinkles, Pigmentation And More without the use of any creams!



Spas everywhere have started using LED light therapy in recent years due to its extreme effectiveness and the results have been amazing! Now you can experience all the benefits LED light therapy has to offer, right in the comfort of your home (And save money on spa sessions) with this Professional LED Light Mask!

Professional LED Light Mask Helps new costumers on eye protection instead of closing your eyes you can now experience Professional LED Light Mask from home while watching TV, communicate on Phone.

Customize your treatment with which to address your skin concerns- the different color LED allows you to treat your skin’s needs. The DermaLight LED Light Therapy Acne Face Massage Mask will fit seamlessly into your skincare routine and enhance the effects of products you already use. If you know a cream that suits your skin and has given you good results before, just apply it before the light therapy session!


Skincare products can be confusing, there are so many different creams & topical treatments to choose from–a lot of which can be damaging to the skin making problems even worse than before. makes it really difficult and nerve-wracking to find treatments that are right for you. With the Professional LED Light Mask isn’t an issue anymore. Simply choose the LED light color(s) suit your needs and use it for the 15-30 minutes a day ( recommended ).

Saves Time & Money

One of the many downsides of relying on a cream or topical treatment to achieve & maintain healthy skin is that you will always have to keep buying MORE. The Professional LED Light Mask is a one-time investment into a lifetime of healthy, clear skin! No more throwing away your money every few weeks–the Professional LED Light Mask is built to last and sure to save you many expensive trips to the pharmacy.

Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Each of the seven different color LED lights can have their energy output adjusted to accommodate to your skin’s sensitivity level. When it comes to traditional skincare methods, it can be fairly difficult for those with sensitive skin to find a treatment that doesn’t dry or irritate their skin. The Professional LED Light Mask, even at max settings, is 100% safe and cannot harm or damage the skin.


Package  Includes:

1 x Professional LED Light Mask (Face & Neck Set); 192 LED Lights (138 Face; 54 Neck)
1 x Remote Control
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Removable Electrodes Pack
1 x Instruction Manual

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